Although Normandy is in the north of France, its westerly location allows for the temperate benefits of the mighty North Atlantic drift. This singular current keeps the winters at bay. Whilst Picardy and Alsace are covered in snow, Normandy weather during the winter averages 8°C and seldom snows or drops below freezing.

The summers are cool with temperatures averaging 17°C and plenty of warm radiant, sunshine. The summers tend to be the driest time of the year, and autumn to early winter are the wettest with an average of eigth rainy days each month. All of this combines for a wonderful holiday destination. The ample sunshine keeps visitors warm and the landscape bright, and the mild temperatures are perfectly suited to outdoor enthusiasts, like cyclers and golfers.
2020-07-04 19°C
2020-07-05 20°C
2020-07-06 18°C
2020-07-07 20°C
2020-07-08 22°C